Creating a Synchronous Tag

Mezzobit supports the ability to create tags that run both synchronously and asynchronously.  Most tags can be created to run asynchronously, even if they depend on a specific run order using dependencies.  However in some cases a truly synchronous version is required.

Making a tag synchronous

There are two steps to start using synchronous tags.  First, enable the synchronous option within the tag.  This is enabled through a simple checkbox that appears in the tags options.

Now that you have your first synchronous tag you can add it to a container to get the synchronous container script.  Finally the synchronous container must be placed on the page.  For more details on creating and placing a synchronous container see here.


Synchronous tags have a few extra restrictions to ensure they are able to run in the correct order, and can run in synchronous mode:

1. Synchronous tags cannot have a dependency on an asynchronous tag

2. Some rules are not available to synchronous tags, either because evaluating the rule is done asynchronously or because they would prevent the tag from running immediately, potentially blocking other tags.

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