Instant Scan quick start guide

Mezzobit's Instant Scan can analyze any website to fully itemize all of the tags and pixels loaded by both the website operator as well as third parties such as ad-tech companies, analytics providers, and social networks. The tool provides a view of these relationships in great detail, as well as additional information about the data and tracking activities of each. It also displays performance information about each tag.

Scans are conducted from a variety of locations around the Internet, currently focused in the US, with international locations coming soon. Also, we are aggressively adding new data elements and visualizations every week. So if you don't see something you want, check back soon (or let us know and we'll try to prioritize it in our roadmap).

To begin an instant scan, click on the triangle selector in the upper left corner of the screen, enter a URL in the box, and press the + button to bring up the instant scan menu.  Here you will be able to setup the parameters from the scan, including URL, location, spidering, enabling adblock on the scan and custom Javascript injection.

It will take about a minute to complete the scan and collect the data for presentation. A progress bar near the top of the screen will indicate when the scan has finished, at which time you can click on the Finished link to visualize the results. If the scan takes too long and times out due to network issues, you can repeat the scan.  Note that spidering requires a scan per page, so it may take much longer depending on the number of pages being scanned.

To select a previous scan, click on the Instant Analysis box in the upper left hand corner. A list of historical scans will be displayed. Selecting a scan will load it into the visualization window.

Other options from this dropdown list include deleting the scan (trash icon), configuring the options (gear icon), and refreshing the scan (arrow circles icon).

Here are some other knowledge base articles that explain the various Audience Value Platforms functions that are incorporated into Instant Scan:


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