How To Enable Debug Mode

Mezzobit offers a -debug version of our container to assist with troubleshooting.  Enabling the debugger requires a few simple changes to the code on the page, and once enabled it will provide console logs on tag activity.
The debugger is enabled by redirecting the Mezzobit TMS from mtm.js to mtm-debug.js.  For example: ->
This can be done with a single change to the 6th line of the container script placed on the page, as shown:
Once the container is in debug mode it will load the debug version of other modules as well.  If this is successful you will be able to see the "-debug" versions of files loading under the network panel in your browser's developer tools.
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In debug mode you will be able to see console logs about internal MTM events, for example when a tag is started, when tag is loaded.
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Currently in debug mode the logs use tagId instead of the tag name set in the TMS. To match the id to name you can use a link in the format<TAG_ID>/update, for example, if the tag id was 12345678, you could enter to view the tag in the TMS.
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