Managing Multiple Sites from a Single Container

In many cases you may want to use very similar sets of tags on multiple sites, but with individualized settings per site.  Mezzobit's TMS and rules engine allow you to run the same container across multiple sites, and to specify behavior for individual tags to ensure each site serves only the correct tags.

The easiest way to manage what domains a tag runs on is to use rules.  A tag will fire if it meets all the conditions of any of the activation rules enabled on it.  In essence, each rule is a set of AND conditions, and then all the rules are added to the tag as OR conditions.

To have the tag run on only specific domains you can either create a rule for each domain, or, if you prefer, use regex to have the rule work on all desired domains.

For example the following setting will run on all pages in the domain:

A similar rule could be created for all potential domains.

Alternatively, this rule will fire for websites that match either OR

It's possible to be as specific as necessary with these rules, down to targeting specific pages.

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