Dynamically optimizing ad rendering

Mezzobit's Viewability Optimization Module enhances scores by evaluating the placement of visual elements in reference to where the user currently is on the page. It then prioritizes the rendering of these elements ahead of others managed by the system by reallocating browser and network resources. As the user navigates elsewhere in the page, the system dynamically reprioritizes any unrendered visual elements for continually optimized viewability.

Dynamic Reevaluation

This feature allows the page to re-evaluate which ads need to be rendered in the page based on the user interaction.  This allows for situations in which users scroll down the page very quickly, or move around the page while ads are still loading.  This setting requires viewability optimization to be enabled.

Polling interval sets the amount of time (in ms) to wait before.re-evaluating the elements on the page

Stabilization period sets the amount of time (in ms) the page must remain static before re-evaluating the elements on the page.  This is useful in situation where users may rapidly scroll deep into the page, to prevent ads in the middle from being loaded while the user moves on.

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