Testing New Versions

Mezzobit provides customers advance notice for all new releases that affect audience-facing technology. While we extensively test all new features with a variety of customer configurations, some customers may wish to test the releases beforehand themselves.

In order to do that, the tester needs to remap her local machine's host file to Mezzobit's staging CDN environment. After this is done, the page can be loaded and tested the same way as it is in production. Here are the steps to do that:

1. Locate hosts file in the local machine performing the tests.
  • Windows: c:/windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts
  • Mac: /private/etc/hosts
  • Linux: /etc/hosts
2. Place the following lines in the hosts file and save the file. This change only affects the local machine and has no impact on your production site or your audience.
3. Restart your browser.
4. Perform tag execution tests needed.  Note that you may see errors from failing to connect to http://stats.mezzobit.com/ or similar URLS.  This is expected and not an issue, as stats are not run on the dev environment.
5. Once finished with all tests, remove the line added in step 2 and save the file. This immediately repoints the local machine to the production version of TDI.
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