Workspace Management Basics

The Workspace feature allows you to create groups of users who can access shared containers, tags, rules, variables, and notice objects. Containers, tags, rules, variables, and notice objects can belong to only one account. Items in one account cannot be copied to another account. All users of an account have the same level of access to the items in the account.

Accounts and users

Account management topics:

New variable

Sample workflow

Accounts are useful when you want to create items in Trusted Data Interchange (TDI) and share them with other users. You can create an account, create the items under that account, and invite other users to the account.

1. Create an account.

2. Switch to the new account.

3. Create the containers, tags, rules, variables, and notice objects you want to share with other users.

4. Invite users to join the account.


Creating accounts

1. Click Accounts at the top of TDI.


2. Click New account.

New account

The New account window is displayed. Required items are marked with an asterisk.

3. Type a unique name for the account in the Account name box.

Account name

4. Optional: Type a description of the account in the Description box. A description can help you identify this account later.

Description5. Optional: Type the email addresses of the users you want to invite to the account in the Users invited into account box.


6. Click Create to create the account and return to the accounts list.


Accepting or rejecting account invitations

When you have received an account invitation, a red exclamation point is displayed next to My Profile in TDI.

Click the exclamation point to view the invitation, and then click Accept or Reject.



Switching accounts

When you are a member of more than one account, you can switch the current account by clicking Change at the top of TDI.


In the Switch the account window, click the account you want to make the current account.

Switch the account

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