Device, Browser & OS Groups

Device, browser and OS groups

The rules function provides a way for users to control the execution of tags. Device, browser and OS groups parse the visitor's user agent to permit easier rule creation based on these attributes. Otherwise, the user would have to build regex expressions to manually extract the needed values from the user agent. 


A user wants to create a rule that triggers a tag only when the visitor is using a Macintosh running any minor version of OS X 10.9 and Firefox version 28. The user can create a rule that has the following conditions:

  • OS name = OS X
  • OS major version = 10
  • OS minor version = 9
  • Browser name = Firefox
  • Browser major version = 28


Setting up device, browser and OS groups

1. In the rules editor, there will be several options presented in the first Activations conditions drop-down:

  • Device: Name, family, version, major version, minor version, patch, type, manufacturer
  • Browser: family, version, major version, minor version, patch
  • OS: family, version, major version, minor version, patch

1. To construct a rule using groups, select the desired item from the first dropdown list, then the operator from the second, and provide the target value in the text box. ***There is no validation checking on the free text box entry.

  • If multiple conditions for the rule are required, then press the + Add condition button and add another term to the rule. All terms of the rule must be TRUE for the rule to return TRUE.
  • The rule can then be applied to a tag to govern its execution.
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